Feral Faerie – The Circle

Book one of the series

Age 13-15

For thousands of years faeries have hidden away in the safety of the forests.

Now they’ve returned to the light but the world has changed.

Human pollution has tainted their magic and the faeries are on the brink of extinction.

Fifteen years old and nine inches tall, Rubia is a feisty faerie who lives with her clan in an ancient beech tree. As the Elisi-in-waiting, Rubia is expected to behave like a leader, but she longs to be free from the binds of her duty and focus on hunting, flying and having fun with her friends.

When the current Elisi’s life fades and her vital magic disappears into the night sky, Rubia knows she has to find the missing magic and bring it back to the home-tree – a quest that will take her deep into the unknown realms of the wider world.

If she’s going to succeed, Rubia must find a way to harness the power of her own darker forces and balance them with her light magic. She’s getting dangerously close to the brink of destruction, but if she can’t overcome her own self-doubt and find the missing Source magic, her clan will fade and she’ll lose everything that she loves.

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