Forgive me Blog Mother

January 22, 2015 in Life by Irulan Horner

Forgive me Blog Mother, for I have sinned, it’s been months since my last blog. I do, however have three very good reasons…

DeskReason #1
I’ve finished my Masters. Yay! I spent the whole summer slogging over my final 40,000 words and as a result I have the first draft of my book.
It took over my whole live for about three months. Every bit of spare time was spent chained to my desk, agonising over every word and rewriting each sentence with dutiful love for my characters and their fate.
If I wasn’t writing, I was thinking about writing. In short, it left me no headspace to write anything else, hence my neglect.
And just two weeks before my looming deadline – I broke my foot…

Reason #2
How? Was I climbing a tree to find inspiration? No. Was I descending from the highest mountain in the name of research? No! I fell off my shoes! The most ridiculous reason in the world. Admittedly they were very high, but even so, I was so cross with myself.
To make matters worse I was misdiagnosed with a twisted ankle and spent a whole week hobbling around on it before the hospital called me to say they’d made a mistake and I needed to come back in to have a cast fitted. And all this just when I was due to hand in my manuscript and go on holiday for a well-earned break.
So I was granted an extension, thank you Bath Spa University, and had an “elegant” boot fitted before flying off to Sicily. Oh but this wasn’t a relaxing break by the sea, no, we’d planned to go volcano climbing.
What did I do? In my true stubborn style I donned my boot, battled 100kph winds and shuffled through the bizarre barren moonscape of Mount Etna.
It was worth it!

Reason #3
I came back from holiday to find that I no longer had a job! My boss had quit, and as a PA I wasn’t much use without anyone to organise.
So after five and a half years with the same organisation I was made redundant. So in the space of a week I’d handed in my manuscript, and lost my job. I was cast adrift on the sea of unemployment and with no direction or reason to my life I meandered along wondering what had gone wrong. So I wallowed in self-pity for about two months, enjoyed a relaxing Solstice and then got another job.
I now work full-time, a shock to the system after years of working part-time and having the luxury of a day a week to write, and I’m trying to shoe-horn the rest of my life into evenings and weekends like most other people do – it’s manic.
So now I get up before sunrise every weekday morning and either stumble to my desk still in my pyjamas, and force myself to be creative, or I do Pilates to try and stretch out my poor aching, double-jointed body.
The silver lining… I love my new job. I work in a creative media company who build websites and offer ‘search engine optimisation’ to their varied customers. I get to work with a bunch of hilarious people. We play pool or Uno at lunch times and can often be found running around playing with Nerf guns to vent off some steam. But the best bit of all, after years of communing for up to an hour each way every day, I now walk to work, the whole of five minutes!